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History of our School Buildings

Charles S. Pierce Middle School
Who in the world was Charles Sumner Pierce (1874-1949), and why is our Middle School named after him? In 1952, the Pierce School was built as an elementary school, in honor of the Pierce family. Colonel Henry Pierce was a war hero and owner of the Walter Baker Chocolate Company (purchased from the original owners in 1854).

His son, Edward Pierce, was an attorney, Town Moderator, founder of Milton’s Public Library, an abolitionist and author of a biography on the famed abolitionist, Charles Sumner. Edward’s son, Charles S. Pierce (named after Sumner), was a Harvard educated attorney. In 1909, he was appointed by the Selectmen of Milton as our first Town Counsel and he served as Town Moderator from 1920 until his death in 1949.

In 1958 a junior high wing was added to the Pierce School. In response to the changing needs of the community, in 1981, it became the Charles S. Pierce Middle School and it is currently located on Central Avenue.

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