About Us

In January of 2011 the Board of Selectmen appointed interested Milton residents to serve on on the Town of Milton's 350th  Anniversary Committee. These volunteers have been charged with planning a year-long celebration to extol both our Town's rich history and the outstanding community that we are today. We are excited about the coming year and are planning many events for all ages and interests, for residents past and present, and for visitors alike! 
We hope you'll join us!

Mission Statement

"The Committee's mission shall be to regularly meet to plan and coordinate a series of events, learning activities and social/cultural opportunities which will lead to an awareness and appreciation by all about the rich, 350 year growth of the town of Milton.

"The committee's goal encompasses those strategies that allow opportunities for the greatest amount of town wide participation. It will further seek public and private contributions in its effort to highlight Milton's rich political, social, cultural, economic, educational, agricultural and religious history."

Committee Members

Lynda-Lee Sheridan, Chair
Mary McLaughlin, Vice-Chair
Dorothy Cutler, Treasurer
Janet Christensen 
Hyacinth Crichlow
Pat Desmond 
Brian Doherty 
Kevin Donahue 
Kathy Fagan 
Brian Kelley
Emma Jean Moulton 
Beth Neville 
Wallace Sisson
Joanne Trifone


Big Event: Pat Desmond, Chair
Celebration Archives: Wallace Sisson, Chair 
Fundraising: Mary McLaughlin and Kathy Fagan, Co-chairs 
Historical:  Brian Doherty, Chair
Memorabilia: Dorothy Cutler, Chair 
Ongoing Events: Beth Neville and Hyacinth Crichlow, Chairs 
Operations/Steering: Lynda-Lee Sheridan, Chair 

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View our meeting schedule here.  All are welcome!