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Historic Photo Exhibit
Dates: Sunday July 22 -August 19
Time: 9-11 AM and 1-4 PM
Location: Cunningham Hall, 75 Edge Hill Rd.
Sponsored by: The Milton 350th Committee
An Exhibit of historic photographs, portraying East Milton historical scenes and people from approximately 1860-1960’s, will be on display during regular Cunningham Hall open hours. View sketch here.
Closing Reception: Sunday, August 19, 1-4 PM; light refreshments will be served.

Milton Agriculture Farmers’ Market
Date: Month-long celebration
Time: Thursdays, 12 Noon-6 PM
Location: Milton T Stop next to 88 Wharf Street, Lower Mills

Home Gardener's Contest
Date: Thursday, August 16
Time: 11 AM - 2 PM
Location: Milton Farmer's Market, Milton T Stop next to 88 Wharf Street, Lower Mills
The Milton Farmers' Market is sponsoring the first Milton Home Gardeners Contest. The event celebrates our town's farming roots in collaboration with the Milton 350th Anniversary.

Back yard gardeners who plant, cultivate and weed, this will be your chance to show off your best efforts.

Four crops will be judged:
1, Tomatoes (standard size or cherry
2. Peppers (green and/or green,yellow & red)
3. Green Beans (bush or pole)
4. Summer Squash (yellow or zucchini)

Contestants should bring four samples of each vegetable to be entered -- of similar size and shape if possible (for the green beans and cherry tomatoes, bring 10 of each; for  the largest zucchini category, one entry is sufficient.)  Name the variety of the vegetable entry if possible -- especially for tomatoes as this is a very desirable fact for other home growers to learn (and yes, we know that tomatoes are botanically a fruit but we do seem to eat them as vegetables).

Judges will include some of our own Farmers' Market growers, one of whom studied scoring of produce at Bristol County Agricultural School.  As an official at the Marshfield Fair told us, judges are looking for the quality that would be required if the product were to be marketed.

We are hoping many home and community gardeners will bring entries.  There will be Entry Forms available at the Market. Questions? Please phone Janet Christensen at 617-698-7752.    

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